Fun Pics #8

30 funny pictures. Including: “Don’t worry ma’am I’m from the internet” “Hands free sandwhich holder” “Identifying Wood – Yep It’s Wood” and more.

Fun Pics #7

125 funny pictures. Including: “Shredding on a tidal wave of whiskey on a surfboard made out of don’t care” “No, I didn’t get into your makeup” “Jedi Ninja Viking” and more.    

Fun Pics #6

34 funny pictures. Including: “Fingers, how do they work” “Meanwhile in Russia” “NBA Orchestra” and more.    

Fun Pics #5

62 funny pictures. Including: “Mary had a little lamb HAD” “Bill and Jim were not at their most productive in the afternoons” “Christmas wishes” and more.  

Fun Pics #4

26 funny pictures. Including: “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth” “Crippled by pizza” “Angry Schoolboy light up shoes” and more.>br>    

Fun Pics #3

31 funny pictures. Including: “When life gives you lemons” “What now?” “Thanks for pretending” and more.

Funny Animals

Animals can be so darn cute and funny. Here is a collection of 37 cute and crazy critter pics. Which is your favorite?  

Full Of Fail (90 Images)

90 Fail pics including: beer truck fail, spring break fail, failed at failing and many more!

Funny News Clippings

21 newspaper clippings that will make you lol. Includes “We sell more seats than the Governor”, “Fixer Upper” and “Free Cancer”

Funny Drunk Brittish Guy

This guy does some amazing tricks down the stairs. I don’t think he has a clue where he is or what’s going on. A source said: “He was a mess. It’s amazing he didn’t badly hurt himself.”

Fun Pics #2

50 funny pictures including: Jeremy the annoying horse, Jesus troll and lobster knife fight  

Fun Pics #1

21 Funny Pictures including: A bike fail, 50 Cent and Bieber Face blend and A serious question about dinosaurs.  

4 Banned Commercials!